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New Zealand has switched in recent years from almost all rural living to 86% of its population dwelling in an urban environment. Nearly 30% of New Zealand’s population live in Auckland. As we shift from an agricultural driven economy to a service oriented economy our urban centres will continue to feel the strain of aging infrastructure.

Every new apartment built, every bit of infill development, places pressure on public drainage, sanitary sewer, and water supply reticulation networks. ACH Consulting Engineers have civil engineers whose focus is the upgrading and extending of these three essential water systems.

ACH Consulting has considerable expertise across all aspects of Three Waters engineering and have worked across territorial authorities within the Greater Auckland region and beyond. Being a preferred consultant to Watercare Services and a number of commercial and residential developers, as well as servicing the private residential sector, we have broad ranging skills to deal with any water design requirements.

Our civil team is made up of a diverse range of individuals, who all bring strengths and knowledge together to respond to the challenges of small sites, coastal locations, large infrastructure, emergency and reactive works and challenging ground types. Projects have ranged in size and complexity from design of new and replacement public reticulation networks for stormwater, wastewater and potable water supply to preparation of entire catchment management plans. In most cases ACH Consulting Engineers handle the tender and project supervision, including obtaining Resource Consents, consultation with Iwi, property owners and other affected parties.

We can provide stormwater solutions including, detention ponds, reuse tanks, soakage disposal, swales, rain gardens, wetlands and stormwater filters, green roofs and pipeline upgrades or extensions.

Our wastewater expertise includes on-site disposal systems, extensions of private and public wastewater lines, remediation of failed systems, and more.

In the water supply area we offer upgrades to public reticulation, pressure testing and supply analysis for residential and commercial developments, as well as coordination of leak detection, and more.

Our staff have constant interaction with regulatory authorities and stay abreast of the latest practices and trends from around the globe to ensure the best site specific solution is achieved. We are passionate about three waters being functional, unobtrusive and where possible, a positive visual amenity to your development to add value.  Linda Norman, a senior design engineer at ACH, provides expert advice in this field to others in the industry and is on the cutting-edge of green infrastructure design.

If you need advice for your three waters project, whatever it may be, ACH has an expert who can help.

Contact Brett Chick, our leading civil expert, to discuss your project today.