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ACH Consulting Ltd is a Professional Development Partner recognised by Engineering NZ. We are committed to developing the professional capabilities of our staff and growing our future engineers.


Setting you up for success in your professional engineering career


On day one you will be introduced to your Mentor. Your mentor will meet with you at least weekly to discuss your work, help you prioritise your projects and address any particular questions you might have.

During the week you have access to your mentor for any questions or advice.

Coaching sessions will be facilitated by your mentor when required. For example, if you’re trying a new type of project, if they’re reviewing your work which needs some amendments or, in response to a technical query raised.

Your mentor is there to help you, so don’t be afraid to ask questions!


On day one you will complete an inducted to teach you about our health and safety policies, our company values and the way we work.

Every week your taskbar will be reviewed with your team leader to manage your workload and ensure you’re prioritising and managing your time successfully. Your mentor can help you keep focused on the right things, to get the job done.

Early in your career with us, you will be involved in discussing quotes for projects that you will be involved in. Initially you will learn how to quote, and over time you will start to formulate your own fee proposals, which will be signed off by your mentor or manager. You will also start to have direct contact with our clients, contractors and Council officers. Your mentor can guide you in how to communicate with them effectively and professionally. If you need to have a hard conversation and your not sure how to go about it, your mentor can provide advice and help you practice.

Once your underway with your work you will be expected to start writing professionally. Fee proposals, emails, reports. Your written deliverables will need to be reviewed by your mentor using the blue QA form. You will be a part of technical team meetings, as well as job project team meetings with your mentor. Take these as an opportunity to engage with other professionals, ask questions, and provide suggestions and input.


We run regular technical training sessions in-house. These are conducted by our Chartered Engineers, but other engineers get the opportunity to present topics and share their learnings following interesting projects or external training sessions.

If you, or your mentor, feel you would benefit from targeted external training please bring a suggested training course to the attention of management.

Over time you will be provided with a range of different project types. When completing a new project your mentor will help you run through the approach and answer any technical queries. All your completed work will go through your mentor with our blue QA form for checking and review prior to delivery. Your mentor will help you make any changes necessary and provide you advice along the way.